Teach Kids Code

Another example from the arrays class. In this class we went over how to use arrays and for loops. The goal was to create a set of rectangles that would go across the screen.

Today we went over arrays and for loops. Part of the exercise was to create an array of squares (and it seems Pi symbols) running across the screen.

From Young Scholars Institute (YSI) 2010. Claire wrote a version of Powder Game. Clicking on the bottom word allows you to then click up in the top to drop a piece of dirt or a seed. If you drop the seed and dirt together, then a tree grows. The “game” is really more a simulation of different objects and their interaction. Go search for Powder Game to see the original.

Guitar Hero

Key Hero! One of my students (Anna, age 11) in my programming class at Young Scholars Institutewrote this Guitar Hero variation. Took her about 1.5 hours.

Bullet Game

Two students in my programming class this week, actually took my class last year. Turns out they continued working and writing games over the last year. Here is one sample that they brought in. Pretty amazing how much they added in

Class Syllabus

Overall goals of the class are to teach

  • Introduce logical and critical thinking
  • Basics of writing a game
  • Come away with a couple of working games
  • Where and how to learn more
The following items will be included in the course work as part of the class syllabus.
  • Introduction
  • What are a program? computer? compiler? source code? Languages?
  • Graphics (x, y), drawing routines
  • Colors
  • Processing.org
  • Animation/Iterations
  • Mouse, Keyboard Interaction
  • Game Development
    • functions, methods
    • programs
  • Game Design
    • what is fun?
    • mechanics
    • designing paper games
  • Game Project

Nashville Barcamp Presentation

You can see the presentation I made about Teaching Kids Game Programming. This is the first presentation I’ve done on the subject. I will also be posting a link to the video of the talk. This will be converted into a set of resources you can use to teach kids how to write code.

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